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Headed home tomorrow, which is a good thing. Took this tonight from Kobe’s Odaiba-like shopping complex at the port, which does have in its favor compared to its bigger Tokyo sister that it’s a lot more accessible (walkable from any of Kobe’s main stations). An excellent date spot no doubt. Actually I can’t help but see Kobe as one large date spot, which is probably why I haven’t taken to the city as I had hoped, seeing as I don’t have a date nor am I’m looking for one.

Himeji Castle, January 1, 2006: click for larger

The first part of the day was spent at what is generally regarded as Japan’s most beautiful castle, Himeji, about 40 minutes west of here. (It would have made for a better image than the one above but I neglected to take a cell phone picture.) Being New Years Day, entry was free, but the place was packed and not a very pleasant experience overall. The reason for the crowds I discovered when I got to the top of the main tower, as there’s a shrine up there (it’s customary for Japanese to visit a shrine sometime during the first 3 days of the new year).


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