me(The following was written in July 2006 — need to update it.)

As of this writing (July 2006) I’ve been maintaining this blog for over four years. Back when I started, I felt sure that it would be a passing interest, like so many other temporary interests of mine. But remarkably, I’m still at it, though perhaps with a bit less energy expended than in the past. When I started it, I felt I was already behind the times a bit, with respect to blogging. Little did I know that things would take off much further after that. (Here’s my inaugural post.)

I have lived just north of Tokyo (Japan) for some four-plus years now. I suspect I will be here for a lot longer than that. I tend to write about Japan, especially more “big-picture” stuff, and photography, though of course not exclusively.

I can be reached at kurt @ easterwood [dot] org .


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