These photos are a total mystery. The film had sat in my fridge for years, and I finally had it developed. Needless to say, I don't recognize anyone in them. I thought you might appreciate them as a sort of "Kentucky nightmare".

I did appreciate them. Unbeknownst to my friend Laura, who sent me the photos shown here in one of those cheesy Walgreens photo albums and who wrote the above post-it note, I had actually taken these pictures, sometime around 1987 when I lived with my father and his new family in Lexington, Kentucky for a brief 7 months. What must have happened is that this undeveloped roll mixed with Laura's stuff when she was storing some of my items at her San Francisco loft during one of my extended travels.

I present the photos here just as they were assembled in the Walgreens photo album, by Laura, without further comment.

Kurt Easterwood
San Francisco, February 2002

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