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小津安二�  (Yasujiro Ozu)
100-year Centennial Exhibition, 鎌倉文学館 (Kamakura Bungakukan, Kamakura Museum of Literature)
April 25 -- June 29, 2003

(The title of the exhibit, shown above in Japanese, is read mirai e katarikakeru monotachi, and translates loosely to "Things that speak to the future.")

� でもないことは流行に従う、重大なことは道徳に従う。芸術のことは自分に従う�
小津安ニ� (Yasujiro Ozu)
From the exhibition flyer, as well as the inside cover of the book accompanying the exhibition:
nande mo nai koto wa ryuukou ni shitagau, juudaina koto wa doutoku ni shitagau. geijutsu no koto wa jibun ni shitagau.
Translated (thanks Joseph!): In trifling things follow the fashion. In important things follow the public morality. In art follow oneself.

I surreptitiously took a few photos of the exhibit, which can be seen here. My blog entry about my trip to see this exhibit can be read here.

(click on images below for larger-sized views)

Exhibition flyer:  
Book accompanying exhibition (600 yen): 
sample pages (22-23)
Right (page 22): Series of stills taken by Ozu crew member 小尾巣建� (Takehiko Koo (?)), as Ozu and his long-time cameraman 厚田雄春 (Yuharu Atsuta) scout locations for 早春 (soushun, Early Spring).
Left (page 23): Tripod, handmade by Ozu's crew, in Ozu's favorite color red. Because of the way it looked when viewed from above, the crew gave it the nickname sildenafil otc uk カニ (kani, or crab).

(More scans of pages from the exhibition book can be seen on Page Two.)
Exhibition postcards of Ozu artwork (dates unknown) (400 yen for set of 3):
Exhibition ticket stub

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