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小津安二郎 (Yasujiro Ozu)

100-year Centennial Exhibition, Kamakura Museum of Literature (Kamakura Bungakukan)
April 25 -- June 29, 2003

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Book accompanying exhibition -- a few more page spreads (click on images for larger ones)

sample pages (12-13)
Right (pg. 12): (Top) Family portrait, September 10, 1937, just before Ozu was sent to China. The bottom two photos are from Ozu's time in China (1937-38), where he served in Japan's Imperial Army
Left (pg. 13): The character 無 (mu), drawn by a monk, for Ozu in 1938 (in China?). 

sample pages (24-25)
Pages 24-25: 絵-コンテ (e-conte, or "continuity drawing"), from 小早川家の秋 (kohayakawa-ke no aki, known as The End of Summer in the West, 1961).

sample pages (32-33)
Right (page 32): Ozu (center) with his mother and elder brother, just under 2 years old, 1905.
Left (page 33): Ozu playing a game of cat and mouse with his mother, 1956, on the 23rd anniversary of Ozu's father's death. The poem on this page, 夜長 (yonaga, or "long night"), was written by Ozu about his mother in 1962, several months after she passed away.

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