Some pages about Japanese filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu
Ozu's gravesite in Kita-Kamakura (Japan): How to get there
100-year Centennial Exhibition at the Kamakura Museum of Literature
Ozu commemorative stamp sheet issued by Japan Post
A visit to the Seishunkan in Matsusaka (blog post | photos)
NB: Please be aware that the above pages make some use of Japanese characters, and depending on how your computer and browser is set up, they may appear to have a lot of strange looking symbols and characters in them. Having Japanese support in your browser is not essential for viewing the pages, but it would, shall we say, enhance the experience :) For Windows users, I recommend downloading and installing the Windows Japanese IME (Win 2000 or XP users should already have the IME on you PC, but you'll still need to install it). Detailed instructions on how to set this up for all Windows OS's can be found here. Mac users with OS 9 and above should have no problems.

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