Salon - One for the Road (May 24, 2004)
Shibuya, Tokyo. May 2, 2004.
Bessa L, CV 21mm f/4 Color-Skopar. Fuji Neopan 400 Presto.
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Salon adjudicator: Don Sorsa
Adjudicator's comment on this entry:
A striding (strident?) non-Asian man is framed by a stationary crowd of Asian men and women. (More below, somewhere, on the five cut-off feet in keeping with a recent thread. Our hero is fortunately intact and unapparently homeful as opposed to homeless.) The westerner’s casual attire (fuzzy sweater, Bermuda shorts, black shoes and black ankle socks for Pete’s sake!) contrast with the slightly more formal attire of everyone else in the photo, as does his determined expression. An interesting, well-composed, balanced shot of something, but I’m not sure what, nor am I sure of how this relates to the theme. The strider is one and they are in the road but the connection is not entirely clear to me.
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