Salon - Unreasonable Behavior (July 19, 2004)
Ginza, Tokyo. June 4, 2004.
Bessa L, CV 21mm f/4 Color-Skopar. Konica Pan 400.
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Salon adjudicator: Dirk Rösler
Adjudicator's comment on this entry:
For me the only submission where we can observe someone seemingly disapproving of someone else's behaviour in the same scene, and not
just the photographer. This improves the quality of the image tremendously in my opinion, as all judgement is released into the exterior of the image maker, who becomes a mere spectator. Also the mystery of why something is frowned upon becomes so much harder to solve, because we cannot interpret it via the making of the photograph alone. While I cannot know the exact circumstances of the depicted scene, a plausible explanation could be a rather well-off person who just shopped at LV is buying lottery tickets, something that the blue-collarish bystander doesn't seem to be too fond of. The multi-layered, dimensional perspective of this super-wide angle shot are also intriguing. Contender.
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