Salon - Water (December 22, 2003)
Kamakura, Japan. May 31, 2003.
Canon EOS Elan IIE w/ 28-80mm f./3.5-5.6. Fuji Neopan 1600.
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Salon adjudicator: Janice Mackay
Adjudicator's comment on this entry:
A night shot with water rushing down the steps toward me, similar to Lena's artificial waterfall but this one is a result of weather / nature on a manmade structure (the steps). By the title of the photo I would guess this is the result of a tropical rainstorm in the city, probably somewhere in Japan. It has an ominous, eerie feel to it, and the sheer amount of water gives the impression of flooding (a river burst its banks for example) rather than just rain. There's a hazy look to parts of the scene which makes me think it was taken through a partially steamed-up window rather than from out in the midst of the elements, a wise move! (after writing the above, I did some sleuthing on Kurt's website and found the original posting and his explanation at [here].
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