Buffalo Springfield
  Buffalo Springfield: The Missing Herd 2
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Part two of a 2-disc set tree'd on Rust List chronicling the band's "best" live recorded performances as well as outtakes and rare mixes not currently available on CD.
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Track Listing:

1. Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing* (demo)
2. Do I have to come right out and say it (alternate)
3. Raga 1 (unreleased)
4. Mr. Soul (rare single version)
5. My Kind Of Love (alternate)
6. For What It's worth (Smother's Brothers TV Show)
7. Down To The Wire (Alternate take, Neil vocal, mono mix)
8. Bluebird (Extended LP version)
9. Sell Out (demo)
10. For What It's worth (Monterey Pop)
11. Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even sing (Monterey Pop)
12. Rock N Roll Woman (Monterey Pop)
13. Bluebird (Monterey Pop)
14. A Child's Claim to Fame (Monterey Pop)
15. Merry Go Round (single mix)
16. Uno Mundo (single mix)
17. 49 Reasons (Still's Demo, pre-Frozen Noses)
18. Road Of Plenty (Still's Basement 1986)
19. Stills Boogie (Still's Basement 1986)
20. Bluebird (extended version, alternate cool mix)