Jeff Buckley
Fez (Under Time Cafe), New York, NY
  June 19, 1994
  FM Broadcast
Broadcast on WFMU's "Music Faucet" program. Performance was to have been broadcast live but there were technical difficulties so this broadcast was a recording of it. Between songs it can be hard to hear Jeff at some points. It's possible this copy was made from an LP bootleg, it has that somewhat muddled sound, and there appears to be a slight "drone" in the background. This recording sometimes referred to as "Bad Mojo".
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Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Mojo Pin 11:37
2. So Real 6:05
3. Grace 12:03
4. Lilac Wine 5:40
5. Dream Brother 6:49
6. Eternal Life 7:11
7. Lost Highway 3:47
8. Last Goodbye 4:43
9. Valley of the Giants theme song 1:36
10. Corpus Christi Carol 3:12
11. Lover, You Should've Come Over 9:24

Disc Two:
1. Kanga-roo 18:17
2. Hallelujah 10:44