Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
Paris Theatre Studios, London, UK
  October 29, 1970
  In Perfect Harmony
Recording of BBC radio performance. Also
released on CD in 1991 by the Living Legend label under the name "Close Your Eyes".

From trader: "Th[is] version I am sending you [...] is the best copy circulating. There are others with inferior sound and are shorter, but this one is the best that I have found. I personally did some cleanup work on it, so there are only a few of this exact mastering in circulation. You will also see this same show listed in some trade lists under a different date. I am pretty sure that the date I have is the correct one."
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Track Listing:

1. That Song About the Midway (Joni)
2. The Gallery (Joni)
3. Rainy Day Man (JT)
4. Steamroller Blues (JT)
5. The Priest Song (Joni)
6. Carey (Joni)
7. Carolina In My Mind (JT)
8. California (Joni)
9. For Free (lead by Joni)
10. The Circle Game (lead by Joni)
11. You Can Close Your Eyes (Duet)
From the Soundcheck:
12. Hunter (the Good Samaritan)
13. River
14. My Old Man
15. A Case of You
with unedited intro:
16. Carey