Led Zeppelin
Fillmore, San Francisco
  April 24, 1969
Decent recording, although many flaws like gaps of silence or parts where tape has been sped up. It's also impossible to hear Plant in between songs. There are apparently many different bootlegs from this show, usually varying the filler track (track 7). I have no idea which silver-CD boot generated this particular copy.
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Show ephemera:

Randy Tuten event poster
Led Zeppelin Bootleg site -- April 24, 1969 page

Track Listing:

1. As Long As I Have You 10:12
2. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover 8:00
3. The Lemon Song 7:54
4. White Summer 11:45 [5 second gap of silence in this track]
5. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 7:05
6. Pat's Delight (early "Moby Dick") 13:04
7. How Many More Times 15:56 *

* Possibly recorded on January 29, 1969, Boston.