Welcome to my cd-r trade list. At the moment, I am not trading.

Before contacting me for a trade, please read my trading rules.

One thing I have to stress, because it is literally driving me to frustration with this hobby, is that I do not want any shows with gaps between tracks. I don't care whether they're TAO 2-second gaps or tiny 1/10th of a second gaps. Any gap of silence on live shows is a result of bad cd duplication somewhere down the line, therefore it's an avoidable flaw and I don't want it. I no longer have the time to open up Sound Forge and spend hours cleaning out these gaps.

And with that out of the way, let the trading begin. Click on the listings in the left frame for more detailed information about each recording in my collection, including track listing, source, and quality rating. Any questions not answered there I will most happily endeavor to answer via email.

New Arrivals:

· Bob Dylan , Boston, November 24, 2001
· Radiohead, Boston, August 14, 2001
· Pearl Jam, Groundworks Benefit, Seattle, October 22, 2001
· Pearl Jam, Bridge School XV, October 20-21, 2001
· Bob Dylan, Sioux City, IA, October 23, 2001
· Bob Dylan, San Francisco, October 13, 2001
· Ryan Adams, Boston, October 5, 2001
· Aimee Mann, Hultsfred Festival, Sweden, June 15, 2001
· Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park, September 1, 2001 (guest appearance at Clarence Clemons show)

· R.E.M., Cologne, Germany, May 12, 2001
· Pink Floyd, Building the Wall, Roger Waters' Wall Demos
· Pete Townshend, La Jolla, June 23, 2001
· Nick Cave Solo, Los Angeles, March 25, 2001
· Radiohead Berlin September 11, 2001

What's Burnin' (a top 10 of sorts):
· Radiohead Canal+ Paris April 28, 2001
· Radiohead Gorge, June 23, 2001
· U2 Boston June 9, 2001
· Steve Earle Stone Pony December 15, 2000
· Jeff Buckley Knitting Factory New York February 4, 1997
· Bruce Springsteen, Berkeley Night, November 29, 1995
· Ryan Adams, Nashville, October 28, 1999