Resources to help you in this hobby...
ArtistDiscographies, setlists, artwork, etc....
Tori AmosBootleg Discography -- good resource on silver--cd releases, though not updated since 1999
The BeatlesThe Beatleg Project -- best Net resource for Beatles silver-cd boots; also has listings for other bands
 One before 911 -- ROIO artwork for Beatles' and solo-Beatles' bootlegs
Jeff BuckleyMojo Pin -- fairly comprehensive listing of Buckley live recordings in circulation
 Kingdom for a Kiss -- an incomplete listing
Bob DylanBobsBoots -- a good place to research "official" silver-cd bootleg releases
 Dylanbase -- another good place to research "official" silver-cd bootleg releases
 Expecting Rain -- anything and everything Dylan
 BobDylanArtwork -- a good one-stop shop for Dylan jewel case artwork -- at least one new Dylan tree a month (newbie alert!)
Led ZeppelinTop 25 Recommended Led Zeppelin Bootleg Dates -- excellent Nirvana bootography, with reviews, artwork, track listings, basically everything you could ask for
OasisStanding on the Bootlegs of Giants -- reviews and artwork for Oasis' silver-cd bootlegs, in Spanish and English
Pearl JamFive Horizons -- the Pearl Jam site, check out "Concert Chronology" for setlists and show reviews
 Pearl Jam Bootleg CD Discography -- detailed list of PJ silver-cd's in existance
 the sky i scrape -- comprehensive repository of Pearl Jam cover art
 Perma Tree -- Yahoo Group for those serious about treeing Pearl Jam shows
Pink FloydPink Floyd RoIO -- best resource on Floyd "recordings of indeterminate origin"
 Pink Floyd RoIO Cover Art Site -- jewel case artwork for those RoIO's
RadioheadAT EASE -- bootleg discography for silver-cd boot releases
 AT EASE -- excellent "gigography" (setlists, reviews) from same fan site -- another silver-cd boot listing
R.E.M.R.E.M. Web Boot Discography -- fairly comprehensive listing of R.E.M. silver-cd bootleg releases
 R.E.M. Bootleg Review Page -- self explanatory
 R.E.M. Timeline -- indispensible for obtaining/confirming setlists
 R.E.M. Traders' Pages -- a good place to find other R.E.M. boot traders
 Rotary 10 -- the R.E.M. Trading Post -- another good place to find other traders
Rolling StonesIORR - Underground CD's -- over 1000 Stones boots listed
 Rolling Stones Bootleg Covers -- what it says
 Frayed -- Stones setlists
Elliott Smithsweet adeline -- a comprehensive listing of Smith bootlegs
Patti SmithPatti Smith: Babelogue -- discography of LP and silver cd bootleg releases
 Patti Smith Picture Gallery -- artwork for over 45 Patti Smith bootlegs
The SmithsThe Complete Smiths Audio Bootleg List -- what it says; good for searching by date
 Reissue! Repackage! -- a good Smiths boot-ography with reviews and decent cover scans -- bootleg discography with reviews
Bruce SpringsteenBrucelegs Version 4.0 -- a bit out of date, but still definitive site for Springsteen silver-cd releases
 Fernando's Cover Artwork -- excellent site for cd jewel case art for Bruce's 99/00 tour
 Springsteen CD-Artwork Index -- an index to eight different sites you can find Bruce boot artwork
 The Top 50 Springsteen Bootleg CD's -- one fan's opinion on what one might begin a Bruce boot collection with
 Bruce Springsteen, All His Music -- click on "Tree Service" to find out about the latest Bruce Tree
Talking HeadsTalking-Heads.Net -- bootleg discography
U2For Love or Money? -- excellent resource on U2 silver-cd boots, though hasn't been updated in over a year
 Holy Joe's Site -- another U2 silver-cd boot-ography
 U2 Setlist Archive -- very comprehensive repository of U2 setlists
 Elevation Tour Liner Notes -- very nice artwork for every show of U2's Elevation tour
The WhoBaba O'Riley's Bootleg Page
 WhoBoots -- cover art database
Neil YoungSugar Mountain -- Neil Young setlists
 NYCAS -- boot cover art
 Old Grey Cat -- no longer updated, but a good place to start when researching old silver-cd bootlegs
 Boots for Beginners -- one fan's idea of where newbies should begin when acquiring Neil Young bootlegs (hasn't been updated since 1998)
 Numbers on the Site -- Tour statistics for Neil Young; a picture of this site should be next to the word "obsessive" in the dictionary -- I love it!!!
Stuck?Google -- when you're stuck trying to identify/research a bootleg, I find Google the most helpful; just put in "[artist/band] [show date/boot title] bootleg" and nine times out of ten you'll find some trader or site that has some info
Trader DatabasesTape Trader Network
 Resources for Tape & Disc Traders
 Tapercities -- all you need to know about trading over the internet using .shn
 CDr Trading Ring
Cover ArtDigital Reproductions -- a host of high-res cover scans, mostly for "classic rock" bootlegs
 CD-R Trading Bootleg Cover Art Links -- an index to a ton of cover art sites
 bootArt Yahoo Group -- new discussion group quickly becoming essential first stop in one's search for cover art; see "bookmarks" for lots of links; list also a good place to grovel for hard-to-find items
 Inserts -- cover art for a bunch of bootlegs (site is very slow!) -- more cover artwork
FAQ's and SuchTape Tree FAQ -- a good explanation on how a tree works
 CD-R B&P Instructions -- the essential primer on how to correctly do B&P's
 CD-Recordable FAQ -- everything on CD-R and CD-RW technology
 Slim's Bootleg Links -- a good starting point for researching bootlegs, lots of links to boot discographies, gigographies, cover art sites, etc.
 Dick's CDR Page -- articles and links for how to get the best possible audio extraction and CD clones
 The Coaster Factory -- good tutorials for setting up EAC
 CD Media World -- probably more than you want to know about CD-R media and burning software applications
SoftwareExact Audio Copy -- if you're not using this, you're not really "with the program"
SuppliesAmerican-Digital -- very reputable dealers of CD-R media and jewel cases, among other things