These rules weren't made for breaking...

The following rules are all pretty straightforward, I think. They're not meant to be anal but trading involves trust more than anything and part of trust is being honest and up-front in communicating.

 First off, I'm only interested in trading. I do not sell anything, nor will I do 2:1 trades. If you're a newbie with nothing to trade, please see my blanks & postage message below.

Number 1

I'm only interested in CD-R's, no tapes or videos. No MP3-sourced material, please.

Number 2

Please burn CD's using DAO (disc-at-once) method. For what it's worth, I extract to my hard drive using EAC and burn using an HP CD Writer Plus 8250i and EasyCD Creator 5. PLEASE let me know if a certain boot is not DAO, I may still want it bad enough to fix and re-burn it myself.

Number 3

Use decent brand name blanks. I prefer to receive media that's been made in Japan (Mitsui, HP, Fuji, Taiyo Yuden), but generally TDK, Sony, Verbatim, Imation, and Kodak will be fine. Just as long as they're not CompUSA generics bought at 100 for $10, or something similar. Office Max sells 50-disc spindles of Fuji 80-min blanks that are made by the Taiyo Yuden factory in Japan for $22.99. Currently I'm using HP and Kodak Ultima blanks.

Number 4

I won't send jewel cases, and don't expect any from you. I will expect the CD's you send me to be protected and sent in a bubble mailer of some sort. Please mail via First Class (for domestic) and via Airmail (for International)--I recently received something sent via "media mail", took 3 weeks to get from Boston to San Francisco!

Number 5

I prefer that you don't write on the CD's, but rather include a piece of paper or post-it note with boot name/disc # on it. I won't have a hissy fit if you forget this one. :)

Number 6

If you have art, I'd like to get it, via email or a web link. I will do same for those boots for which I have art, or will give you the option for those boots for which I've created homemade art.

Number 7

If there's a problem with any of the CD's I burn for you, I will re-burn, and expect the same courtesy from you.

Number 8

Communication, communication, communication. Email when you send, email when you receive, and PLEASE email should you encounter problems or delays. And don't fall off the face of the planet after a trade is over, sometimes there are lingering questions about setlists, possible burn problems, etc. You can expect the same from me.

Blanks & Postage

I'm very grateful to those in the trading community who answered my "B&P" calls (well, emails) just a few short months ago and helped me get started. To repay this generosity and help others get started, I will do B&P's as I have time. Please email me and I will let you know if I have the time to do this for you. If you haven't done B&P before, I recommend checking out this site: -- can't get more comprehensive than these instructions.