Guy Kawasaki, Class of ’72

Guy Kawasaki photo from Iolani yearbook, 1972

I retrieved some of my old school yearbooks when I visited my father last month, including a couple when I was an elementary student at Iolani, a Honolulu private school. As I was thumbing through them, remembering very little of the students there and only a little more of the teachers, I came across a certain Guy Kawasaki in the graduating Seniors section. I started to wonder if perhaps it was that Guy Kawasaki, and indeed it was.

I think it’s safe to say that Kawasaki and I never crossed paths, me being a puny 1st grader who got to take naps in the classroom after lunch. Ironically though, there was another senior in Kawasaki’s class that I did know, and who even signed my yearbook, he being Muliufi “Mufi” Hannemann. Hannemann was a star athlete and student and part of the big, well-known Hannemann family. My father knew them through his job as a sports writer for the Star-Bulletin, and we used to go out to their place in Waianae for luaus and stuff. Mufi is now Mayor of Honolulu.

I only went to Iolani for two years. When my younger brother Kimo became of age to enter the school, my parents were unable to get assistance from the school to make that happen financially, and we both went elsewhere. For reasons I’ve never quite known, my mother loved Iolani and it was always her dream that I would return there. I did try to return there for Junior High School, but my test scores weren’t good enough and even doing a special Summer School session there was not enough to get me enrolled. The truth is, I didn’t really want to go there myself, probably because I correctly suspected it would be a difficult academic ride, and I did my best to not make it in. Of course in hindsight I regret that now. Kawasaki writes on his “About” page that:

Iolani is not as well known as its rival, Punahou, but I got a fantastic and formative education there.

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Headed home, looking back

Waikiki Beach, January 2004: click for galleries

I bet you’re as sick as I am of Takanohana’s slippers greeting you everytime you log on here. Unintentionally, it seems I’ve taken the summer (and more) off from blogging. Probably a good thing.

Anyway, in less than a week we’ll be headed to Hawaii for a much-needed 2-week vacation. So what better time than to present the photos from our last trip there, only a year and 8 months ago! I guess I need to work on my workflow (there are still color film rolls to be scanned but oh well). Let’s hope the photo fallout from the upcoming trip is more manageable.

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Transparencies from yesterdays no. 3

Naoko, Brainwash, San Francisco, August 29, 1996: click for larger image

Naoko, Brainwash Cafe Laundromat, San Francisco, August 29, 1996. Pentax K1000, Fuji Velvia.

Naoko in San Francisco for the first time, two months after we met. No need to say anymore than that.