Family portrait from 2007.

For now, for better or worse, I’m in effect maintaining two blogs, this one here and the one that is connected to the online gallery of some of my photography. I could integrate them I suppose, but right now I’m merely trying to see if I can maintain any of this for longer than a few weeks or months, so for now, my photography — and my commentary about it — will live there.

I’ve just posted a new essay on this family portrait of sorts that I took in 2007:

Without fail, those pictures I take where I think to myself, Oh that was a good one, I can’t wait till I get the negatives back, never materialize into keepers. It’s always the pictures I can barely remember taking that end up the treasures. 

You can read the full essay here.

Rodinal Developments

Patterson clone reels

I recently started to process my own film. I’m tempted to add “again” to the end of that sentence, but in reality I’ve done little processing in my life, just a few rolls in school, and a couple of rolls a few years ago in an ultimately aborted attempt to start processing.

For my benefit, and doubtfully for any others’, I’m going to get fairly anal and document some of my experiments, so unless you’re into agitation (of the tank inversion kind) and dilutions you may not want to click the “Read More” link below.

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Doctor and Nurse

Ansel Adams: “Nurse Aiko Hamaguchi,” Manzanar War Relocation Center, 1943
Nurse Aiko Hamaguchi, Manzanar War Relocation Center, 1943. Photo by Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams: “Dr. Nello Pace and monkey,” UC Berkeley, 1966
Dr. Nello Pace and monkey, December, 1966, UC Berkeley. Photo by Ansel Adams.