As Kaika turns…

Kaika, sleeping, July 31, 2003: click for larger image (28K)

Kaika has moved on to the I’m-going-to-try-and- turn-over-on-my-own phase. Without fail he starts turning from his position lying on his back, to the right. I wonder if this is any indication of whether he’ll be right- or left-handed. He’s also, for the first time, experimenting with sleeping on his side, as this photo taken by Naoko with the cellphone shows. I’m the kind of person that gets queasy at any thought related to the cutting off of circulation, so because he can turn himself over but can’t yet extricate his right arm out from under his body, I tend to get very paranoid that his arm is going to fall off!

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  1. How beautiful he is! I would often think that sleeping babies looked like an angel when our sons were much younger.

    We have such a saying as “haeba tate, tateba ayumeno oyagokoro.” When you see your baby crowl, you want him/her to stand up. When you see your baby stand up by him(her)self, you want him/her to walk. That’s a typical parents’ mind. 😉

    Now that both our sons walk by themselves and go anywhere they want, what should I wish?

  2. eri-
    thank you for your nice comments, and that wonderful Japanese saying. My wife sadly didn’t know it, but my mother-in-law did. I keep telling myself, be patient, one day you will be longing for the day when he could barely turn over, and couldn’t say anything to his Papa. 🙂

  3. quite a nice looking picture for a cell phone! perfect light etc. the kind of photo they use in the ads to show how nice it can be.

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