Blithely entering his 8th month through the Dokodemo-doa

Kaika with Doraemon balloon, November 12, 2003: click for larger image (64K)

Kaika entered his 8th month of life yesterday (Happy Birthday!), and to show his legions of fans out there that the previously posted “I’m gonna poo” shot is really an anomaly, here’s one that showcases his blithe, affable demeanor. Last week he went with Naoko to a newly opened local outpost of the Ito Yokado department store chain, and one of the staff gave him this Doraemon balloon. Doraemon is an animated cartoon about a cat-robot named, well, Doraemon, with some tools at his disposal. One of these is the “dokodemo-doa,” or “go anywhere door.” Open the door, say where you want to go, and you’ll be magically transported there.

Kaika, you received one of these doors as a present from your parents on your first birthday, 8 months ago. Use it everyday and go forth, wherever you want to, young man.

3 Replies to “Blithely entering his 8th month through the Dokodemo-doa”

  1. how cute. 😀
    i’m touched by the last passage of dokodemo-doa story.
    kaika is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. congratulations, kaika! 🙂

  2. Aww! Look at that smile! What a cutie :). Happy birthday Kaika! 🙂 How do you pronounce that? Naoko also?

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