Nagasaki, September 2003: click to enter gallery

I’m not going to go into it much here and now, but 2003 was sort of a breakthrough year for me photographically. I rediscovered my film cameras (and bought some new ones), re-connected with film and black and white specifically, shot more film than perhaps the last 10 years put together, and in general feel very good about the place I’m at right now, though I still have many miles to go before I sleep.

To look back as folks are wont to do at this time of year, I’ve put together a small gallery of 25 images, all shot on black and white film, all shot within the last 4 months, and all previously unpublished online, with a couple of exceptions. Not a “best of” or highlights reel, just 25 new images to close out last year and serve as a stepping off point for 2004.


6 Responses to 25 Images to finish 2003 (and start off 2004)

  1. ジョージ says:

    Kurt – Congrats on getting comfortable with both yourself and Japan. Health, Hope and Happiness in 2004 !!


  2. ジョージ says:

    Loved the motion captured in your last pic with the little dog chasing a runaway shoe. There is a real sense of the moment as all look on. I also liked the photo of the photographers from behind the ‘campaign-girl’ at the Tokyo Motor Show, although I can bet the other photographers were not so please having your mug in their shot (hehe!).

    All the best,

  3. wayn says:

    great work… it is getting even better.

  4. Kinki says:

    Kurt, these are brilliant! Ah the inspiration that is B&W film.

  5. wayne says:

    eagerly awaiting a new batch for ’04 ….


  6. mark says:

    Kurt, great start/finish to the year. As much as I enjoy your b/w photos, and i do, I would really like to see you re-visit your Kodachrome and Velvia archives. The photos and commentary for the “Kodachrome and Velvia San Francisco” series would have to be my favourite from ’03. Keep digging ’em up.

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