If this is spam then I think they’ve won

Just received this in my email inbox:

This is intolerable….When you can’t speak your mind in America, And is treated so badly by your management,Then even the illusion of Free speech is dead. I will NEVER stay at your hotel,and am in fact canceling our trip to Vegas.

That’s it, nothing else. From the headers it looks to be a normal email (though not, ahem, the most grammatically sound piece of English I’ve ever read), not some circuitous piece of spam. Don’t recognize the sender either. Hmmn….I must say, I dying to know what happened, and especially at which hotel.

Oh okay, Google News is my friend. It must have been this story about Linda Ronstadt getting booted out of the Alladin Hotel in Vegas last weekend (for dedicating a song to “a great American patriot” Michael Moore).

I actually have stayed at the Alladin before, but should I find myself in Vegas again (and undoubtedly I’ll be back there, love that town!), I think I can echo my email friend that I won’t set foot in there again (too bad, their dinner buffet ain’t too bad, and cheaper than Bellagio’s). Still wondering what button was mis-pushed for me to get this though.

(And as an aside, here’s laying 1,000 yen on the fact that this will soon, if it hasn’t already, be picked up by Japan TV’s “wide shows” (news magazine shows) and Naoko will be breathlessly coming to me saying “Kurt, did you know that some singer was kicked out of the Alladin for praising Michael Moore?” For reasons I haven’t fully delved into, it seems many Japanese, including Naoko, are head over heels for Moore. For the record, based on seeing only Bowling for Columbine, though I find his views mainly in accord with mine, the man himself is quite insufferable.)

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  1. Agree on the last part. Saw Columbine last week, interesting but not a revelation (would love to read the culture of fear book, the aspect of US culture that attracted me most). His interview and general rhetoric technique seem a bit blunt (a shame really because Heston for example at least at the decency to let him in, but not much was made of that), but then on the other hand, consider the topic of “Fahrenheit”, so is that of his nemesis.

    Moore is also incredibly popular in Germany, same situation. He appeals to the masses, and has been called populist just the same as the “bad guys”. But I suppose he has his place. A phenomenon nonetheless, I hear he is also made responsible for a new documentary film popularity boom in the US (“OutFoxed”, “My Super-Size Life”).

  2. I’m not sure how much time this Linda Ronstadt episode will get on the Japanese channels especially seeing how little press Fahrenheit 9/11 has received (in Japan that is). I was invited to the private press screening last night in Roppongi as press photographer to shoot for the Democrats Abroad Japan. Mr. Moore was not in attendance, though I though I spotted him early on but turned out to be just some fat guy that hadn’t shaved in a few days. Great film, but horrible night for me photography speaking.

    My camera started giving me attitude, film advance lever coming undone and kept triggering the multiple exposure button. Then my scanner produces the worst scans I’ve ever seen (prints from the lab were fine). I’ve decided to sell the thing and go a little higher end with a CoolScan.

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