Ikebukuro, Tokyo, July 23, 2004

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, July 23, 2004. Leica M6, CV 35mm f/2.5 “P”, Fuji Neopan 1600.

Some new photos for your enjoyment. Click here for the series.


7 Responses to New photos: My Way Too

  1. Peter Linsley says:

    How I stumbled onto your site I can’t quite recall but it has become a regular haunt since then. Your work captures the very essence of Japan as I remember it, a joy to behold.

    Keep up the wonderful work Kurt for without it the internet would be a less interesting place.



  2. gleek says:

    fabulous collection! the sailor in #2 looks distant in time.. like that photo could have been taken in the 60s. and what’s up with the guy handing out fliers in #5?! 🙂 he’s more liable to scare the kid than make her happy!

  3. Shawn says:

    This is a really great series. I’ve only glanced at the pictures. I really like the one you used in the teaser and the one in the porno shop is interesting, too. I’ll have to check them out in more detail when I’m not as tired. Great work, though!

  4. Kurt says:

    thanks for the comments guys and gals…much appreciated.

  5. wayne says:

    im on the road but heidi gave me the heads up to check this series out. i dunno over the past few months it’s exciting to visit this site – watching a pretty good photographer grow into a great one. !!! and im not blowing smoke!

  6. neil says:

    I’d agree with the previous comment on turning into a great photographer- this might be my favorite series yet of yours. Each picture has one or more interesting stories going on, and great composition.
    Did you just get the Leica?

  7. Stu says:

    The Ikebukoro shot (23/7/04) of the man with the cigarette (caf?) is particularly striking – excellent work throughout though !

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