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(eigakantoku seishun no chi, loosely "The place of the filmmaker's youth")

The pictures on the right are as follows (from top to bottom):
1) 小津安二郎青春館 (Ozu Yasujiro seishunkan, Yasujiro Ozu Youth Hall), in 三重県松坂市 (Matsuzaka-shi, Mie).
2) Film still of 原節子 (Hara Setsuko) and 笠智衆 (Ryu Chishu) from 東京物語 (Tokyo monogatari, Tokyo Story (1953)).
3) Film still of 岩下志麻 (Iwashita Shima) and 笠智衆 (Ryu Chishu) from 秋刀魚の味 (sanma no aji, The Taste of Sanma; English title: An Autumn Afternoon (1962))

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