3 Replies to “Bringing me up to the start of June”

  1. Hi! I`m an Italian girl studying Japanese at Waseda University(I`ve been in Japan since September and I`m going back home in August).I love your photos…really! I myself love taking pictures, but don`t get the same great results, although I enjoy it anyway. I`d like to take more pics of people on the street -like those you showed here in this gallery- but I`m always afraid people may not like being taken pics so close up. Have you ever had any troubles?

  2. Stefy-
    thanks for your nice comments. re: shooting people, I’ve had a couple of problems, but nothing serious, although perhaps at the time it seemed so. But generally as long as you approach things with a smile, and develop a sense of who doesn’t want to be photographed, you’ll be fine. But it’s easier said than done. I recommend going to a festival or some other event where there is lots of photography going on and shoot a roll or two of people. This will help you get over any shyness or hesitancy you may have.

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