Fuyu allegro

Kaika, seeing snow for first time, Dec. 29, 2004

Kaika on the balcony, on the day of seeing snow for the first time. Unfortunately he’s got a cold, nothing serious but a persistent runny nose, so we couldn’t really go out and thrash around in it like I’d want to. Here’s hoping he grows up to be someone who can delight in the rare snowfall like his papa and not be the ho-hum “what a hassle” adult the rest of the family seems to turn into on occasions such as these.

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  1. Kaika is growing up to be a handsome boy. Seeing this photo was a remarkable reminder of how long I’ve been reading your weblog, Kurt, for I remember when he was first born.

    As for snow, I get much the same kick out of it now as I did when I was young. Of course, growing up in Texas, snow was a rare treat, but even now, living in Nebraska, I look forward to each and every snowfall. Unfortunately, we’ve only seen a couple of inches thus far this winter. While the Texas Gulf Coast, of all places, was enjoying a White Christmas, we had ourselves a nice Brown Christmas. That’ll change soon enough, of course.

    And should I make it to Japan this Spring (I recently interviewed for an English teaching position there, and should learn the result any day now), I might get my fill of snow next Winter, too: my first choice for a preferred location was Kanazawa.

    Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu!

  2. Did he get a haircut, or is his hair just combed differently?

    That’s great that you got snow in Tokyo. I hope there’ll be some left when we get back. The snow is above the knees up here in Hanamaki, Iwate. I’ve never loved shoveling snow so much since I left Wisconsin.

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