What would the world look like if everyone took the day off?

Mt. Fuji from a distance, at sunset

This barely conveys the majesty, but these days even from these distant parts (Saitama) Mt. Fuji has often been in view (though it helps to be on the top floors of a shopping mall parking garage). According to Naoko, it is said that part of the reason Fuji-san is so visible during the New Years holidays is because most everyone is off work and all the factories are closed. Sounds a bit apocryphal and certainly doesn’t account for all the cars on the road (or packed into same shopping mall parking garage), but it does make one wonder what the world would look like if there was one universal day off.

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  1. yes Kevin i have….apparently those were all shot around the New Years holidays too, though I think he must have been out there at 6:30 in the morning….now had he photographed the shrines during these holidays and found “nobody”, that would’ve been really impressive 🙂

  2. Fuji alwasys looks so big that whenever I see it, I want to snap a picture. Then I look at the picture and am usually disppointed. How can something that looks so enormous turn out so small? Ah the mysteries of the eyes (and the brain, I suppose). Anyway, love the colour of the sky. Thanks for posting that pic.

  3. Hello, kurt.

    I believe, or rather I want to believe that if everyone took the day off then the world would be more peaceful than ever.

    Anyway, nice blog!

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