Damn good tofu, or what I had for dinner last night (yawn)

“Masahiro” tofu from Otokomae Tofu company

Naoko asked me the other day, “Don’t you ever just want to blog something like ‘This is what I ate for dinner tonight.’ Why do you always have to write long posts?” Well, actually, no, I don’t want to make “Here’s tonights dinner!” posts with a crappy cellphone photo attached. For whatever reason, it seems that many Japanese blogs (meaning those written by Japanese) and Mixi diaries are like that. For the most part, I find them incredibly boring. (Sadly, the ones not like that take a lot of effort to read, through no fault of their own.)

So here’s what I ate for dinner, last night, with simulated crappy cellphone photo attached. マサヒロ (Masahiro) brand tofu from 男前豆腐店 (Otokomae Tofuten). Damn good tofu that my friend Quinlan has raved about previously. I ate it plain, with no soy sauce or condiments like grated ginger or bonito shavings, using a spoon. Just about makes a meal in itself. And you can’t deny that’s one cool label. It’s expensive, which means that the Minister of Finance stipulates it may only be eaten about twice a month!

With my wordy preamble, I realize I’ve pushed this post way past the rules that govern “tonight’s meal” posts. I’m verbose. I admit it.

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  1. you’re right jason, i couldn’t be content with just a cellphone pic, but had to gussy it up (it was a cellphone pic, but I did Photoshop it a bit). Anyway, good to hear from you….but no blog anymore?

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