Merry Christmas, 2007

Dutch Royal Mail Christmas Postage Stamp Sheet (Fireworks)
Christmas stamps produced for Royal TNT Post BV (The Netherlands)
Design: Eric Kessels/ KesselsKramer
Original photos: Kurt Easterwood

If you can read Dutch, you can read about the above Christmas stamp for the Dutch postal system, of which I had very little to do with other than to supply the photos, here. (A barely understandable machine translation is also available courtesy of Google Translate.)
What I do know is that there were 750,000 of these sheets printed (in Australia, no less), and that for the first time (for the Dutch postal system), the stamps include some sort of sweepstakes (you scratch off the grey part). I’m not sure how the stamps were received, though the blog post referenced above does give off a hint of controversy about the concept.

Erik Kessels of KesselsKramer, with 2007 Dutch Christmas stamps
Erik Kessels, flanked by two Dutch celebrities, showing off his Christmas stamp designs in Amsterdam

Also makes me wonder if the Dutch have discovered email yet. 750,000 sheets at 20 stamps per sheet comes to 15 million stamps. That’s almost one stamp per every man, woman and child in the Netherlands, and this was not the only Christmas stamp produced. Not that I’m complaining, mind you! But perhaps it’s appropriate there is a Japan element (albeit unstated) to these stamps, given that Japan has its own posting frenzy during the year-end holidays, when up to 4 billion (!) New Year’s cards will be sent at the end of this week.

To everyone reading, Season’s Greetings for 2007, wherever you may be.

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