December 28, 2003


And snoring quite loudly at that. Not a ringing endorsement of Starbucks's coffee :)

December 27, 2003


Telling Japanese to say no to drugs.

December 25, 2003


"Have you been naughty or nice, young man?"

December 23, 2003


031223_0903~001.jpg can see forever. Well not quite these days, that persistent urban smog never does disipate enough even on brilliantly crisp winter days. Nevertheless one can see Mt. Fuji from here, even if the haze and poor resolving power of one's cell phone camera makes it seem more like a mirage than a looming presence.

December 10, 2003


I'm in disbelief that a train ad for Sony's new Playstation console (PSX) would go to print and hit the streets with such a glaring typo (in case it is hard to tell from the photo, it reads "Playstaion 2"). Unless I'm out of the loop and Sony has decided to rename its soon to be passe Playstation 2 to this new single "t" version.

December 09, 2003


In Omiya (Saitama) train station. Not that I'm optimistic it will do much good.

Images and thoughts from Japan, captured and uploaded via my mobile phone. For a (slightly) bigger picture, see my main site Hmmn.

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