July 30, 2003


Another haircut, this time at the local sento (bathhouse).

July 26, 2003


...just got through blessing this new car.


July 20, 2003


A 3-liter can of beer available from a vending machine (for 2,000 yen, and next to a 2-liter bottle for the same price). That's just great and ridiculous at the same time. Kanda-Jimbocho

July 16, 2003


We woke up this morming to find this dead rat in front of our house. The sign says that City Hall has been called, and was left there by Naoko after she called the city's "Life and Environment" department. (They've just now come and taken it away, about 15 minutes after I took this photo.) One thing I learned through this is that the Japanese language doesn't distinguish between a rat and a mouse, in common speech. They're both called nezumi.

July 12, 2003


Sorry, you'll have to tilt your head for this one. A sign in a park in Yanaka. The one good on this sign is watering the plants in the park. (location)


It's been a while since I've been to Tokyo's Ueno Park, but I don't remember this many homeless encampments, their blue tarp tents unmistakable. (At the risk of trivializing it, it's interesting to note that here in Japan, even homelessness has a uniformity to it.)

July 11, 2003


The woman who is reading a book in this picture (obscured by the pole, sorry) was laughing to herself, an unusual site here in Japan. Presumably she was finding something in her book funny. However, from where I was standing, I could see that she wasn't reading manga (Japanese comic books), or the latest translated Michael Moore, but rather a book of house plans (yes, house plans). I noticed her because some schoolgirls were laughing about her laughing. And because they were laughing, I started to laugh. A triangulation of laughing, a comical chain reaction, 3 sets of passengers laughing to themselves in a Japanese train car. That must've been some kind of record.

July 09, 2003


July 05, 2003


lat = + & lon = +


(Posted from the First International Moblogging Conference)


...while Kevin Cameron (creator of the application that allows me to post this), and others, speaks. (Posted from the First International Moblogging Conference)

Location: lat = + & lon = +


One of the nice things about the conference are these devices so that the Japanese present can get a translated version of the presentations. I assume it works both ways, but so far all the presentations have been in English. (Posted from the First International Moblogging Conference)


Nothing much to report, though I've noticed that I've got no signal down here. (Posted from the First International Moblogging Conference)


July 04, 2003

Puffy, our cat

This is Puffy, our cat.

July 02, 2003

Just walking the dog. Beautiful out today.

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