August 13, 2004


at a "snack pub". We just finished a rendition of Kitajima Saburou's "Yosaku" which I think qualifies as an archetypal song under the circumstances. Naoko is here with me so all is okay, despite the hostess to my right.

1092439510040813_1448~001.jpg Haguroyama, in Yamagata pref. The structure is over 600 years old.

August 12, 2004


in Yamagata, about 500 kilometers north of Tokyo. Pictured are a couple of kokeshi (type of wooden doll) from the inn's vast collection scattered about. kokeshi has another slightly, ahem, risque meaning, but I'll have to explain later.

August 07, 2004


Images and thoughts from Japan, captured and uploaded via my mobile phone. For a (slightly) bigger picture, see my main site Hmmn.

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